Becoming an Artful Genius

Becoming an artful genius is nowhere near as hard as it sounds…it actually only requires an ever so slight bit of madness with a dash of kooky and a splash of arm waving silly.

Don’t be daunted by the use of the word genius..for you see we are all genius creators we just haven’t remembered how to relax and enjoy it.  For the most part, very young children have not yet learned to forget.

Or rather, society has not yet mashed the genius out of them like a lump of playdough being squished through an extruder.  Kids remember to ask why, and why again, and sometimes even why again…when did we stop doing that?  Was it when we were told ‘because I said so’? or perhaps when we realized that asking too many whys only resulted in long winded adult boring answers…answers that we could probably wait until we were boring adults to hear about.

Yes, even those of us who have had the creativity squished out can relearn to have a little fun, and if you have kids to teach you how to do it all the better and lucky you.

Currently kid free?  Then you really really need to sign up for the 12 week FREE Artful Appreciation of Me course before you get a terminal case of adultitis and we struggle to bring you back…just remember, purple carrots and flying elephants are never out of place in an artful world.